Discover more about industrial machine manufacturer Midwest Automation.

Midwest Automation is a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery and engineered systems for the wood, composite and metal industries. Founded in 1959, and together with Randbright Corporation and Greco Manufacturing acquired in 2003 and 2004, Midwest Automation has over 100 years of application experience, allowing us to offer innovative solutions that improve your manufacturing efficiencies and through-put.

Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, we manufacture and service the following types of industrial machines and engineered systems:


  • Flat panel laminating machines
  • 3D Laminating machines
  • Kitchen Countertop machines
  • Material handling machines
  • Wide belt sanders


  • Flat panel & 3D laminating machines
  • Aviation presses
  • Structural & Insulated Panel (SIP) laminating machines
  • Structural & Insulated Panel (SIP) fabrication equipment
  • Horizontal & vertical panel saws


  • Dry deburring & finishing machines for flat sheet metal and plate
  • Wet deburring & finishing machines for flat sheet metal and plate
  • Centerless deburring & finishing machines for cylindrical parts
  • Wet dust collectors

Custom Machines & Engineered Systems

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