Since our inception in 1959, Midwest Automation has designed and manufactured our products to the highest standards of machine performance and safety.

From initial design concept to extensive in-house testing prior to shipment, every measure is made to insure that each machine operates efficiently and safely. In-field installation, training, and after sale assistance is always available through our customer service department.

Every machine shipped from the factory includes two copies each of the Operating and Safety Manuals specific to the machine. These manuals contain information to assist in the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of the machine. Additional manuals can be ordered through customer service, if needed.

Midwest Automation provides appropriate guarding and safety interlocks where required, and each machine includes safety labels and instruction decals to prompt safe operating and maintenance procedures at all times. When wear occurs, additional safety labels can be ordered at no charge. Safety label kits and illustrations are found in all operating manuals.

From time to time there is a need to inform customers of additional safety updates for specific machines in the form of a product safety bulletins. A listing of these specific bulletins will be linked from this page.

For questions concerning product safety or for additional safety information, please contact the Midwest Automation Customer Service Department by telephone at 1.800.697-1444, or by email at

Work smart.