Newer accessories for older machines

In an environment of continuous improvement, Midwest Automation’s wood, composite and metal finishing systems often evolve to include features and benefits not included on older models.

Where practical, these improvements will be made available to customers who could benefit from the new technology but do not otherwise need a new machine.

Click the links below to download, view and print current technical service bulletins for select machines and systems.

For additional information or a quotation, please contact the Midwest Automation Customer Service Department at 800-697-1444, or by email at

NEW! Midwest Automation Water Level Retrofit Kit for Earlier Niagara Wet Dust Collectors

Mini 9/Mini 9i Wire Shield Installation Instructions with Retrofit Cable Guard Field Kit (pdf)

Midwest Automation Corfab Retrofit Bulletin (pdf)

Midwest Automation Saw Retrofit Bulletin (pdf)

Midwest Sandright Belt Retrofit Bulletin (pdf)

Midwest Sandright Conveyor Retrofit Bulletin (pdf)

Niagara Wet Dust Collection Sound Dampening Kit Bulletin (pdf)